Venture Elevator practices being competitive, proficient and provides alternative elevator services. Since our inception, Venture Elevator has been fortunate enough to attract hard working staff members who hold to the same philosophy as the founding members.

We offer maintenance programs for passenger elevators, freight elevators, escalators, powerwalks, material lifts, accessibility lifts and dumbwaiters to ensure the safety and reliability of our customers elevating equipment. 
Our maintenance programs are designed to prevent shutdowns, prolong the life of your equipment and keep your equipment running to help protect the owners’ investment.

We employ certified licensed, well trained elevator mechanics to provide quality maintenance to your equipment.



We employ certified, licensed and well trained elevator mechanics to provide quality maintenance to your equipment.
To discuss your individual service needs, please contact our Sales Department at: sales@ventureelevator.com or phone 1.888.967.0043

  • 1. Commercial
    We specialize in supplying and installing fully non-proprietary, medium to heavy duty passenger elevators, escalators, freight elevators, material lifts,  dumbwaiters and power walks.
  • 2. Industrial
    We are experienced with many installations in Northern BC and  Northwestern Alberta in industrial sectors such as:  mines, mills, hydro-electric dams and wind turbines.
  • 3. Institutional
    Our highly trained technicians are certified licensed professionals, offering courteous, efficient service to all makes of elevator and escalator equipment.
  • 4. Residential
    We offer maintenance programs from passenger elevators, freight elevators, escalators, power walks, material lifts and dumbwaiters to ensure safety and reliability.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Venture Elevator has the specialized equipment and knowledgeable
staff needed to repair all makes of elevators, anytime.



Venture Elevator provides quoted repairs for any and all parts including: door operators, door detectors, valves, soft starters, cylinder replacements and cab modernizations.

We provide cosmetic upgrades to your elevator cab interiors so your elevator can look like new. Whether due to damage or to match a building renovation, we can help design an interior that will suit your needs.

Venture Elevator can provide simple updating of controls, elevator cab interiors and fixtures or complete modernizations of the elevator equipment such as: new machines, motors, controllers, hoistway wiring, travelling cables, hoist ropes, addition of rope grippers, door operators, roller guides, governors, safeties, push-button fixtures, relocation of fixtures to comply with accessibility requirements, replacement of elevator cab panels to the latest styles and colors, replacement of elevator ceiling and lighting, installation of emergency telephone, handrail and bumper rails, re-cladding of existing elevator doors, front returns, kickplates and headers, etc.

Venture Elevator can upgrade your elevator interior to keep up with the latest style trends. Upgrading the elevator cab is a cost effective method for maintaining tenant satisfaction. 

Venture Elevator will work with the client to meet budget expectations while providing a new modern look to the cab interior.

Venture Elevator will survey the condition of the existing elevator equipment and provide recommendations for upgrading the elevator system to improve the performance and reliability of the elevators to meet the clients’ performance levels. We work with the owners to deliver a smooth, customized modernization.



Equipment Manufacturers: Turnbull, Westinghouse, Northern, Dover, Western, Armour, Richmond, Montgomery, Kone, Otis, Fujitech, Schindler, Alimak Hek, Geda, Garaventa, Concord, Federal and Richmond

Spare Parts: Venture Elevator stocks hundreds of spare parts for a variety of manufacturers. Venture Elevator can also source obsolete or discontinued parts for your equipment.

Equipment Types: Escalators, passenger and freight elevators, material lifts, dumbwaiters, accessibility lifts, industrial lifts, wind turbines, LULA lifts and power walks. Venture Elevator maintains all types of equipment including Otis, Dover, Turnbull, Schindler, Montgomery, Kone, Northern, Armor, MCE and Virginia Controls .