Venture Elevator is Committed to Customer Satisfaction and Safety


We offer maintenance programs for many makes and models to ensure the safety and reliability of our
customers elevating equipment. 
Our maintenance
programs are designed to prevent shutdowns, prolong the life of your equipment and keep your equipment running to help protect the owners’ investment.

Service & Modernization

Venture Elevator provides quoted repairs for any and all parts including: door operators, door detectors, valves, soft starts, cylinder replacements & cab modernizations.

We provide cosmetic upgrades to your elevator cab
interiors so your elevator can look like new.


Venture Elevator provides residential and commercial installations for new projects. We supply and install all makes and models of passenger elevators, freight
elevators, escalators, material lifts, accessibility lifts, wind towers and powerwalks. We have installed equipment in many sectors: mines, mills, wind turbines and dams.


Your Elevating Solution

Venture Elevator Inc. provides elevator maintenance, service, repairs, modernization and installation as well as accessibility lifts, escalators and powerwalks. Since 2003, we have worked hard to build a strong reputation in Prince George, Northern BC and North Eastern Alberta.

Venture Elevator is a family owned and operated business and specializes in providing the most cost effective repairs
and service with minimal shutdown time and exceptional customer service.

Our fully licensed and trained employees work on all makes and models of non-proprietary elevator equipment, old and new.
We work closely with you to upgrade your elevators in order to comply with the latest safety code requirements of the elevator industry.


Green Solutions

Venture Elevator is proud to support clean energy initiatives across British Columbia and Alberta.

In the past decade, we have been a partner in the construction of three major windfarms located in the two provinces. Along with being a free and inexhaustible source of energy, wind energy releases no pollution into the air or water, and does not contribute to global warming.

Venture Elevator specializes in machine room less (MRL) Elevators. MRL units take up less space and use 30 -80% less electricity than other designs. Unlike hydraulic elevators they require no oil, which eliminates concerns about leakage and contamination.


Our Mission

Venture Elevator has an internal mandate which is summed up in the following three simple rules:

  • 1. Safety
  • 2. Respect
  • 3. One Hour of Work for One Hour of Pay

At Venture Elevator customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities and a goal that we thrive on. Expert elevator knowledge, integrity and work ethic are what we provide. Venture will deliver services in an effective, efficient, polite and honest manner. We give customers a new choice to satisfy their needs.


Featured Project

Venture Elevator installed one of Northern BC’s first Machine Room-less (MRL) elevators.
The University of Northern British Columbia boasts two glass traction units in the Teaching and Learning Center Wing of the University.